BioWare is hiring System Designer for Anthem

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BioWare is hiring System Designer for Anthem

Post autor: mmocs » 19 kwie 2019, 02:27

If you're an Anthem player, the news of Bioware staffing up on systems designers is probably among the most positive news you'll hear these days, as the dev is looking to address the pressing issues that are plaguing the game at the moment.The job openings are for system designers, who'll be working on loot systems, item creation and design, gameplay, graphics, combat balance and store and reward pipeline.Now, the listings don't exactly mention Anthem, so it's entirely possible that some of these are meant for Bioware's other projects, like Dragon Age 4, which is said to be in production.

In mid-March, Bioware posted an update that acknowledged that Anthem has been a “rougher launch than expected” and stated that the company was dedicated to working on things mentioned in community feedback. It was said then that improvements to endgame loot, progression, and game flow were coming soon, seemingly on top of the many patches the team has already put out for Anthem.

Seeming to fall in with this plan, Bioware listed a handful of job openings on April 12: Systems designer (item creation), systems designer II (combat balance), systems designers I (store management and reward pipeline), and senior systems designer (loot systems). Poor rewards were a key to our three-star Anthem review, so it will be interesting to see what types of changes are implemented. Buy Anthem Power Leveling from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Adding these various “System Designer” roles is a good sign that BioWare are not only committed to sorting Anthem’s problem points, but also suggests that the developer still plans to strongly support the game – despite the title’s lacklustre launch. The only problem now is, it will take a long time for these positions to be filled, and longer to get any hires up to speed – so it may be a while before issues such as the loot systems are corrected.

Dedicating a position for someone to solely focus on in-game loot is both a testament to BioWare’s long-term plans for Anthem, as well as a realization of the stumbles the game has dealt with in a couple of months. Sales for Anthem have already begun to noticeably drop, as the game was already outside the top ten for PS4 downloads in its first full month on the market after launching in late February. Even with Anthem‘s swift discount just a week after launch on Amazon, it hasn’t moved the needle enough to convince others to buy the game.

The Anthem community has been vocal about its disappointment in the state of the game’s loot systems since launch. While BioWare has made some attempt to correct this issue, such as boosting high-level loot drops in endgame content, it’s not really fixed enough – and newer content such as the Elysian caches have brought their own set of problems.

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