Premier League Predictor: Manchester United will beat Liverpool

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Premier League Predictor: Manchester United will beat Liverpool

Postautor: lensmall002 » 12 paź 2017, 19:54


Manchester United will beat Liverpool onSBOBET Saturday, according to the Sky Sports Premier Predictor.

The algorithm suggests United have a 38 per cent chance of leaving Anfield with three points, which would send a huge message out regarding their title credentials.

Interestingly, the predictor reveals that United will finish behind Manchester City this season in the final standings, with their chances of winning the league rated at 23 per cent.

City are rated as strong favourites to win thisSBOBET Saturday against at Stoke with the algorithm giving them a 82 per cent chance of victory.

Southampton host Newcastle on Super Sunday in what looks a tight game to call as shown by the 30 per cent chance of the draw

The weekend's Premier League SBOBET
action culminates with Leicester and West Brom on Monday Night Football and the Foxes have a 46 per cent chance of landing the spoils.

How does it work?
The Sky Sports predictor is based on a system called Elo, originally set up to rate chess players. It takes into account form, who your team still has left to play, and how well a team has done in previous seasons.
The most probable outcome from this weekend's fixtures is a Tottenham victory over Bournemouth at Wembley on Saturday. The Londoners have a 83 per cent chance of winning, although they have yet to win in the Premier League at their new temporary home.

See predicted outcomes of this weekend's games below and scroll down to see the predicted table...

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Re: Premier League Predictor: Manchester United will beat Liverpool

Postautor: evahe » 13 paź 2017, 03:01

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