Incapable in receiving and sending the SBCglobal mails

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Incapable in receiving and sending the SBCglobal mails

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The prime function of using the mail service is to send and receive the important emails instantly but if the function doesn’t work as it should be, then you might feel disappointed. If you are unable to send and receive the messages, then there is no use of login into www SBCGlobal net. When asked from the company about this issue, then they have revealed that this happens due to the transfer of servers from existing to the new one.
Now, we are going to let you know the two most common issues which most of the users are getting on their SBC global email account.
• Connection lost to the server. Name and address of the users are mentioned in the port number or in the security type.
• Connection to the server failed. In this error, the users are getting their names and address displayed in the Port number and in the socket field.

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