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Klopp: Liverpool want the best possible end to very exciting Champions League journey

: 22 maja 2018, 09:24
autor: Bongngarthom

With the countdown to the Champions sbobet mobile League final almost complete, Jurgen Klopp faced the press on Monday to discuss the build up to Saturday night's clash with Real Madrid in Kiev.The German was optimistic and pointed to the confidence that his side have after their run to the final and securing a top four finish in the Premier League on the final day."We feel really good and we think we deserve where we are because the boys really showed up in all different games," Klopp explained."It was a very exciting journey so far and now we want to bring it to the best possible end."That would involve victory in Kiev, but the former Dortmund coach insisted that he is already happy with what has been achieved by his team this campaign."I really love that season so far because it was for us a big step," he said. "Last year we were fourth. Everybody said it constantly over the year but we don't play international football during the week, true. "And this year we had international football and obviously our longest journey so far and we are still qualified for the Champions League, so for us it's a big step and I really like that."Klopp is one of few in the Liverpool setup to have previously been involved in a sbobet mobile Champions League final, with Dortmund in defeat to Bayern Munich in 2013, whereas Real Madrid have won the competition back-to-back."They are more experienced, it's a fact. If there would be an experience market, they should sell it because they would be even more rich than they are already," said Klopp."Experience is very important in life but not the only important thing in life, there are a few other things, especially in football, I know that. "It's an advantage to be more experienced but you can level it with desire, with readiness, with attitude, with work rate, you can level it, that's what I love in football."We have our own experience; not that positive an experience that we won the last two finals but we made our own experience, that's good as well."Despite recent history perhaps giving Los Blancos a slight advantage, Klopp remains positive ahead of the journey to Ukraine."We are not as long together with this group as Real Madrid because they not only won the last two," he said. "They sbobet mobile played these finals pretty much with the same team all the time, that is very special. "But it's still football and we have a chance. "That's why I think: let's give it a try, let's go there and try to perform on a level which maybe people would say is not possible for us, but it is possible, that's exactly what we should do."All the things we'll need in the game we did already plenty of times during the Champions League campaign, now we have to do it again against a really strong team."Saturday night's spectacle will decide whether Liverpool win a sixth Champions League title or a thirteenth for Real Madrid.

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: 20 wrz 2018, 16:57
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